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Observation of flow in the cytosol The flow distribution of the cytosol, which gathers the cell membrane and cell sap in a narrow region, was measured using confocal microscopy.

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Fig 6. Flow visualisation in the cytosol of a Nitella internodal cell. Fig 7. Velocity distribution of the cytosol in Nitella internodal cells. Discussion We performed an experiment to confirm the inhibition of CPS and to measure the recovery time of CPS after needle stimulation.

Supporting Information. S1 Fig. Calibration of depth position comparing with intensity of fluorescent nano particle. S1 Text.

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Geometric constant of Taylor-Aris dispersion. S1 Video. Cytoplasmic streaming stoppage by sting a needle into a cell as mechanical stimulation. S2 Video. Cytoplasmic streaming stoppage by drawing a needle from a cell as mechanical stimulation. S3 Video.

The Physiology of Characean Cells

Particle dispersion driven by inside flow in the cytosol. References 1. Corti B. Osservazioni microscopiche sulla tremella e sulla circolazione del fluido in una pianta acqua juola. Annu Rev Biophys Bioeng. Kamiya N. Physical and Chemical Basis of Cytoplasmic Streaming. Annual Review of Plant Physiology. View Article Google Scholar 4. Shimmen T.

Cytoplasmic streaming in plants. Current Opinion in Cell Biology. A physical perspective on cytoplasmic streaming. Kamiya N, Kuroda K. Velocity distribution of the protoplasmic streaming in Nitella cells, in Bot Mag Tokyo. Williamson RE. Act in the alga, Chara corallina. Actin in the green alga, Nitella.

Staiger CJ, Schliwa M. Actin localization and function in higher plants. View Article Google Scholar Actin and myosin in pea tendrils. Plant physiology. Kato T, Tonomura Y. Identification of myosin in Nitella flexilis. J Biochem. Myosin-dependent endoplasmic reticulum motility and F-actin organization in plant cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Kachar B, Reese TS. The mechanism of cytoplasmic streaming in characean algal cells: sliding of endoplasmic reticulum along actin filaments.

The Journal of Cell Biology. Ewart AJ. On the physics and physiology of protoplasmic streaming in plants, by Alfred J. Communicated to the Royal society by Francis Gotch. With seventeen illustrations. Physical Review Letters. Measurement of cytoplasmic streaming in single plant cells by magnetic resonance velocimetry.

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Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Cellular Subcompartments through Cytoplasmic Streaming. Developmental Cell. The sliding theory of cytoplasmic streaming: fifty years of progress. J Plant Res.

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Mustacich RV. Observation of protoplasmic streaming by laser-light scattering. Physical review letters. Measuring and interpreting point spread functions to determine confocal microsope resolution and ensure quality control, Nature Protcols. Steady and transient behaviors of protoplasmic streaming in Nitella internodal cell.

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Biophys J. Plant and Cell Physiology. Tazawa M. Motive force of the cytoplasmic streaming in nitella. Hayashi Y. Theoretical study of motive force of protoplasmic streaming in a plant cell. Allen NS. Endoplasmic filaments generate the motive force for rotational streaming in Nitella. J Cell Biol. Surface Modification of Biomaterials. Rachel Williams. Nanobioceramics for Healthcare Applications. Eng San Thian.

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