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Announcements Drama Reviews. What happens when a heavy metal, meth addict meets Jesus? Calling All Hearties! Announcements Drama.

The Fat Boy Chronicles

We're so glad you're here. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Diane Lang Writer. Additional information Directors Jason Winn. Directors Jason Winn.

Studio Entertainment One. Released year Duration 1 h 17 min. Genres Drama Family. Writers Michael Buchanan Diane Lang. Size 4. Additional terms Terms of transaction. Windows Windows 8, Windows 8.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars. To rate and review, sign in. Self-deprecating, hopeless, and almost friendless, he learns the value of actively taking steps to better his life. The behavior of kids, parents, and teachers covers a wide spectrum. The two primary parents are supportive, loving, and proactive when dealing with their obese son.

Another boy's parent is cruel and self-destructive. The primary teacher is sensitive and resourceful and values her students highly.

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Other teachers are portrayed as mean, angry, and uncaring. There's some ethnic diversity.

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Bullies push, hit, and physically intimidate the hero in numerous sequences. A parent slaps his son hard.


Some smooching at a teen party. The hero lands a couple of sweet kisses on the girl of his dreams.

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  • Bullies continually make fun of the obese boy's chest "boobs". Mean-spirited name-calling: "ugly," "stupid," "knucklehead," "fatty. A teen talks about his alcoholic parents in multiple scenes; the boy's father is seen holding a beer can and being inebriated. A mom drinks wine in her kitchen. A boy smokes cigarettes and offers one to his friend, who declines.

    Fat Boy Chronicles | Movie Review

    Other issues touched upon are teen "cutting," alcoholic parents, murder, suicide, and depression. T he hero is a year-old boy in his first year of high school, so the messages delivered will have meaning to many young teens. However, the execution is weak, and some issues raised are given very little time. As a result, important teen dilemmas end up getting sketchy and one-dimensional treatment. Actual violence pushing, grabbing an overweight boy's chest, a hard slap and language issues "ugly," "stupid," "fatty," "boobs" are relatively mild, but extensive humiliation, cruelty, and heartbreak are the prominent elements that move the story.

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    Add your rating See all 1 kid review. It's just what he expected -- some of the kids immediately start teasing him about his weight, especially his "man boobs. Jimmy takes refuge at lunch in the school cafeteria, sitting by another fat kid and Sable, a girl whose goth appearance sets her apart, too. His loving parents and a kind doctor try to help him, but they can't. Things go from bad to worse; his only consolation is a growing attraction to Sable and the company of his best friend, Paul, who has remained at his old school.

    But those two have major issues as well.

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    Tentatively, through a journal assignment and growing awareness that he's the only person who can alter his situation, Jimmy takes steps to change his life and his feelings about himself. What works in this film is Jimmy. As portrayed by the likable Christian Rivera, the character's dilemma is poignant. Young audiences can't help but empathize with him and, in doing so, take his situation to heart. Their compassion for the underdog and willingness to stand up for kids like Jimmy may be enhanced. However, not certain that the teen's story would stand on its own, or believing that the drama would be heightened by the inclusion of multiple other elements, the filmmakers added much more: teen cutting, parental alcoholism, an unsolved murder, a suicide, a boy's disappearance, and a football player's lack of confidence.

    All are underdeveloped concepts, relegated to a few scenes or portions of scenes and minimal, if any, resolution. The worst of these is a ludicrous subplot that finds Jimmy and his friend using Jimmy's sister as bait to catch the murderer. It's all scatter-shot, trivialized, badly conceived, and poorly executed. The writers and director could have used a surer hand and more professional help to bring this story, based on a book and "inspired by a true story," to life.