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As a modern discipline, city planning was created to manage urban growth, which has long been taken for granted. Municipal governments are therefore deprived of the tools to deal with urban shrinkage.

Shrinking cities

Accordingly, it is important to understand and compare the variety of policy responses and local strategies developed to address the issue of urban shrinkage. This need for cross-national comparison explains why the primary objective of this special issue is to provide analyses of urban shrinkage in various national contexts, specifically France, the United States, Japan, and Germany. For example, the analysis of residential mobility shows a clear selectivity in demographic decline Rudolph , which results in an overrepresentation of the working class and an underrepresentation of the upper and middle classes.

These dynamics play out particularly strongly in the American context, with the salient demographic and territorial issues associated with the percentage of the population that is black, as Jason Hackworth forcefully argues. Meanwhile, as Joshua Akers reminds us, urban shrinkage is hardly a natural process: market-based activities create winners and losers as cities decline.

Lastly, this series will give new insights into both the constraints and the opportunities provided by urban shrinkage. Although neoliberal policies have long been favored by state and local government actors to cope with urban shrinkage, there are also some signs that a context of urban decline could constitute a fertile ground for the emergence of alternative urban policies. Indeed, such a context greatly affects the balance of power between the different actors involved in local governance and can therefore open a space for citizens and other local groups to influence the urban agenda—or, at the very least, to transform their environment.

Should we then conclude from these examples that a context of decline leads to the creation of urban policies that promote social justice? The answer is not so simple. Finally, in Germany and the United States, urban strategies based on street art Gribat or urban agriculture Paddeu have also proved to be highly ambivalent in both their rationalities and results.

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Follow the comments:. Site made with Spip2 Contact us Legal notice. Brexit in the United Kingdom, the election of Donald Trump in the United States, the rise of extreme-right populist parties in France or more recently in Germany: these recent events have the common feature of being widely portrayed as the political consequences of the decline of old industrialized regions in Western countries.

DelReal, J. Kinder, K. Beauregard, R. March 28, , 11am PDT.


Not only are suburbs growing, many of the larger, older cities that had reversed decades of population decline, are now losing population, again. The biggest losers: counties with the greatest population densities. March 9, , 6am PST. In a piece for CityLab, Richey Pipparinen argues that trigger-happy city officials need to slow down their push to demolish homes. February 6, , 8am PST.

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The city of Akron has lost 93, residents since , so it has room to grow. Now it has a draft housing plan that uses a tax abatement program modeled on examples in Cleveland and Cuyahoga Falls. Akron Beacon Journal. October 15, , 5am PDT. Jason Hackworth argues that demolition has come to be seen as a good, in and of itself, in rust belt cities like Detroit; giving rise to policies that are wrong-headed and dangerous. September 27, , 1pm PDT.

Geographers publish results of a two-year study on declining cities around the country in a new book, "Shrinking Cities: Understanding Urban Decline in the United States. September 14, , 7am PDT. Cleveland is a thought leader in bulldozing houses, according to a recent op-ed on Cleveland. July 22, , 9am PDT. Residents want abandoned homes demolished.

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  • Take the audio driving tour of East Cleveland. June 4, , 1pm PDT. Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. May 6, , 11am PDT. Erie, Pennsylvania and Canton, Ohio have faced the challenges of shrinking populations and fewer job prospects, but new comprehensive plans in each city may provide a pathway to resurgence.

    Future of Families in the Childless City

    The Canton Repository. Leaving Chicago. May 5, , 10am PDT.


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    Why are folks fleeing from the city and the state in record numbers? Is domestic migration to blame for the Chicago region's population loss last year of over 6, and the state's loss of over 22, people? Chicago Tribune. Advertise with us.

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