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North, South, East, West by Margaret Wise Brown

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Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Burridge and co say one reason for this could be historical—the colonization of the US took place largely in an east-to-west direction. But another possibility is that transport links are stronger in this direction, making it easier for linguistic variations to spread.

Indicator for West, East, North, South.

But which of these effects played the bigger role? To tease this question apart, Burridge and co turn to a powerful but poorly understood phenomenon in the physics of complex systems—self-organization. Physicists have long noticed that complex systems can self-organize in a way that creates boundaries. For example, in low-temperature magnets, magnetic domains often form into stripes. Curiously, the shape of the magnet determines the number and direction of the stripes. In a rectangular system, these stripes form across the shortest width, and in greater numbers when the aspect ratio is higher.

In other words, stripes form more readily across longer and narrower magnets.

North South East West

Burridge and co investigate the possibility that a similar self-organizing effect is at work with language. In this case, the geographical shape of the US is less important than the ease of travel.

The Church - North, South, East and West (Audio only)

So better east-west transportation links are analogous to shrinking the width of the US in that direction. The team say that in this case, self-organizing makes a north-south divide almost inevitable, just as is observed.

Compass Bearings

Without this shrinking, the observed north-south divide is just one of various different outcomes, although it is still possible. That falls well short of a proof that enhanced communication links play the crucial role in stimulating self-organization in linguistic variation.


But it is certainly a plausible idea. Emerging Technology from the arXiv. Variations in spoken English seem to spread more easily across the US than up or down.

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