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He considers them rationally and logically. He works through them. He chooses the best one. It generally proves to be correct. But one of the things that makes this an example of genre fiction is the easiness, the fluency and the luck. Reacher is lucky, continually lucky.

He speculates that the caller will have called in a specific time window 3 to 4 months earlier — and is proved right. He guesses that the caller, having been blocked by the journalist as a nuisance, will change his name and continue calling, but call from the same number or area code. It helps that Chang has a contact in the US telephone system who does her favours and helps them identify the various numbers.

All this evidence narrows the search down to Chicago so they fly there, check into a hotel, have sex, then visit the library. All of which proves to be the correct deduction. Which is correct. So Reacher guesses that the old boy walked past it on his walk to the library — so his house must be in that general direction. Which turns out to be correct. The librarian had said that McCann gave the impression that he was ashamed of where he lived. They pretend to be making a delivery in order to get buzzed into the block, walk up to the apartment in question, to find the door is open.

At every juncture Reacher makes reasonable enough guesses based on the odds, working things through steadily and methodically. The time period of calls to the journalist turns out to be dead right. Chicago turns out to be the right hunch as location for the mysterious client. Guessing the pharmacy is the one where McCann bought his disposable phones turns out to be right.

The door to the apartment is unlocked. Same with women. About everything. This supernatural skillfulness comes into its own in the many scenes of violence, fighting and shooting. When he gets out of the car he and Chang are driving to Oklahoma City to confront the two toughs who have been tailing them — the reader partakes in his expert assessment of the situation, his estimate of where best to stand in order to a kick one in the nuts and still have time to b smash the other in the face.

Three assassins with guns. He thinks the problem through, calculates the angles, waits for the right moment, and so on. Partly because all modern American prose is pared back — generations of American creative writing teachers have told all their students to go over and over their manuscripts to remove unnecessary adjectives or adverbs, to keep it simple. So now American prose is simple. Three Rugers [a type of gun], three guys. Black clothes, scalped hair, pale skin. Big enough and heavy enough, but also somehow bony. Tight cheekbones. Hard times in their DNA, from not too long ago.

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From Europe, maybe. Far in the marshy east. Every man against his neighbour, for the last thousand years. Partly because over the past hundred years the masculine world of crime fiction with its strong silent types has been associated with tough, no-nonsense prose for tough, no-nonsense guys.

Hard boiled. Nothing soft or wishy-washy. True since the s at least. Dashiell Hammett. Keep it simple.

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Simple sentences. Short sentences. Sometimes three words. Or two.

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Limited vocabulary. Reacher listened hard, and heard nothing. He stepped around the desk to the private side. He glanced at the ledgers. And the files. And the notebooks. Routine motel stuff. Accounts, orders, to-do lists, percentages. He listened again. Heard nothing. He opened a drawer. Where the guy kept the room keys. He put in, and took out. He closed the drawer.

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He stepped back to the public side. He breathed out. It gives a bleached-out, empty effect. Obviously designed to be tense and taut. Minimum perceptions. Human as robot, as terminator, stripped of all uncertainty and hesitation. Human as pure knowing, calculating machine. A gated community. Rich people. Political donors. The Maricopa County sheriffs on speed dial. They waited at the kerb, a hundred yards short. It was three in the afternoon. Five, in Chicago. The question is, what are you going to do about it?

Everything about it Make Me is a hot one. You can't help lapping it up. About Lee Child Lee Child is one of the world's leading thriller writers. He was born in Coventry, raised in Birmingham, and now lives in New York. It is said one of his novels featuring his hero Jack Reacher is sold somewhere in the world every nine seconds. His books consistently achieve the number-one slot on bestseller lists around the world, and are published in over one hundred territories.

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  • Make Me: (Jack Reacher 20) by Lee Child (Hardback, 2015)?
  • He is the recipient of many prizes, most recently the CWA's Diamond Dagger for a writer of an outstanding body of crime fiction. Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads. Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. We're featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. Thank you Lee, its a pleasure to know how imaginative your mind works.

    I am the same read all the books.

    Great reads. Meet Lee once such a gent. I love Lee Child books. Always a long list at the library.

    Make Me: (Jack Reacher 20) by Lee Child (Hardback, 2015)

    I agree Peter James Roy Grace books are really good too. Totally agree on the Roy Grace comment, excellent. Exactly how I feel David Matthews — seems a long time to wait for the next, and what if Amar.