Manual Knits, Knots, Buttons, and Bows: Projects for Babies

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A friend asked me to make bigger ones. It would take some trial and error, but you could do it.

Free Baby Knot Hat Pattern and Tutorial

I go up about 2 ch on the foundation for each size up. You will want to work an extra round for the 18 month, to make it wider, so take that into account for your overall length. I am working on getting a pattern written for larger sizes if you can wait a few months. Oh good! I am glad you figured it out. I will have to use that tail idea : Weaving in the ends is my nemesis, haha! Love these sandals!! I thought you were very clear and your pattern along with the photos was easy to follow.

I am a beginner crocheter only been crocheting a few months and I was able to whip up a pair of shoes in a couple of hours that actually look like the pictures! Thanks so much for sharing this pattern for free!! I am stuck. If you think of it as just another row, that might help. Join wherever, as if you were going to do extra round of sc, the top facing you, but work sl sts instead, going through both loops.

12 Free Patterns for Crochet Headbands

The sl sts will naturally end up on top, due the nature of what they are. I love to crochet. Most of my friends know this so I often get emails and Facebook posts of things they think I should make. Starting on it tonight. Thank you!! Bethany this has got to be the cutest baby sandals ever.

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I am struggling a bit here with the pattern. When crocheting the sole, should I be turning at the beginning of each round? There is no mention on the pattern of that. Thank you ahead of time for your help. Just finished these, what a quick easy cute make! My friend is going to be thrilled with them and they only took this evening, a friend sent me the link asking if I could make them for her little girl, and i think I win, as I found your site and your other patterns!

I just tried the Mary Janes, but something went horribly wrong….. Must have another go, I think I must have marked a stitch wrong somewhere, cos they look super wonky! Try again tomorrow! Thank so much! So glad you liked it! There is a video for the Mary Janes, so check it out if you are still having trouble. I need size 7 and 9 adult sizes!!! They are dead serious! My sister and I are trying to make these for our nephew who passed away at birth yesterday, for his memorial service Sunday.

We have got everything fine except the toe strap. We are confused on the turning. It is different than turning we have done in making other things. If you could explain how different than going back and forth as I read in other comments and tried to figure out, but cannot : this is really important to us considering the circumstances. I would be soo thankful if you could help us asap!

And thank you so much for the pattern!!

It is soo cute! Sara, I am so sorry for your loss, that is so terrible. For the pattern, the turning is not different. Does that help?

Crochet Baby Strap Flip Flop Sandals

Is it written differently? Why did you think it was different I would like to change the wording if it is confusing people. It just seems like the toe strap is rather wide for the tiny shoe. It takes over the shoe. The brown and turquoise photo is a sized shoe. You can make your strap thinner than that if you want. It means to move up your stitch marker.

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I would love to have an adult pattern when you get it done. These look so comfortable to me. I would use them as a house shoe and around the house. I need something soft on my feet. Thanks for the effort to make larger sizes. God bless you. I suspect you are doing your slip stitch on the wrong side of the sandle if it ends up more on the side than the top-try turning your sole over and doing the slip stitch from the other side. Thank you, Nicole! These are super adorable! Any chance you have these but for sizes months? But I have gotten quite a few requests for a toddler version, so I will have to see what I can do!

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I am having trouble getting to step 3. My sole looks decent, but I am a little lost. Are there any images of the steps?

I prefer reading a blog post along with photos to video. Anyway, thank you for the cutest pattern ever!

DIY Fabric Bow - How to Make Fabric Bows

I may just go out, buy what I need to try this and learn to crochet, starting here!! Thank you so much for sharing your pattern! They are adorable.

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Sometimes it is nice to find a quick project. What they say is so true about people that crochet, being that they are givers. Me being one of them. I love making things and giving them as gifts! I LOVE these!! I am new to crochet…. My niece was born a little over a week or so ago, but before she came I wanted to first learn crochet I have been a knitter for several years and then make her baby booties, blankets, whatever!

I have found that crochet is much much easier and faster than knitting. I think that might be my most favorite part LOL. Thank you not only for posting this, but making it free! Thank you!!! I think I am going to pick up knitting this fall, so I hope I can make the transition smoothly, haha! My sister shared these and wondered if I could make them for her youngest granddaughter. You did a great job on the directions!

I just made these and they turned out so cute!! And I consider myself a beginner…good job Bethany!!! And Thank YOU!!!