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  1. Information Brokering across Heterogeneous Digital Data: A Metadata-based Approach.
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60 Minutes: The Data Brokers – How Your Personal Information Is Sold Without Your Permission

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Metadata and Ontologies. Metadata-Based Architectures. Metadata-Based Brokering for Digital Data. Capturing Information Content in Structured Data. The Infosleuth System.

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Vocabulary Brokering in the Observer System. An Illustrative Example. This tutorial will survey techniques e. It will cover both queries about the individual e.

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IT professionals, developers, and researchers interested in privacy should attend this tutorial. About the speakers. He has a Ph. His research interests include data mining, data security, database support for text, and heterogeneous databases. He received his Ph. She graduated from the University of Crete, Greece in and she received her M. She received her Ph.

CNA - 一种基于元数据的数据资源整合方法 - Google Patents

During her Ph. Her research interests include semantic data integration, database technology, XML and related technologies, and more recently user profile data management. Stefan Decker. Though the concept of the Semantic Web is currently gaining steam, various researchers including yours truly have been working on closely related problems for a long time. In particular, his thesis Information Brokering across Heterogeneous Multimedia Data: A Metadata-based Approach investigates the use of ontologies for capturing, querying and reasoning about information stored in structured and text databases.

Interestingly, most of this has relevance today in the context of the Semantic Web.


Over the years, he worked on various prototypes and systems for information brokering, gathering and analysis over distributed networks, such as the internet. Nick Koudas.

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Stream data are generated naturally during the measurement and monitoring of complex, dynamic phenomena such as traffic evolution in internet and telephone communication infrastructures, usage of the web, email and newsgroups, movement of financial markets, atmospheric conditions, etc. The applications that operate on modern data streams require sophisticated queries to continuously match, correlate, extract and transform parts of the data stream. Manipulating stream data presents many technical challenges and is an active research area in the database community, involving new stream operators, SQL extensions, query optimization methods, operator scheduling techniques, etc.

The objective of this tutorial is to provide a comprehensive and cohesive overview of the key research results in the area of data stream query processing, both for SQL-like and XML query languages. The tutorial is example driven, and organized as follows. The target audience of this tutorial includes researchers in database systems, database and Web application developers, and the XML community.

He holds a Ph. His research interests include core database management, metadata management and its applications to networking. Reagan Moore. The Grid is an emerging infrastructure for providing coordinated and consistent access to distributed, heterogeneous computational and information storage resources amongst autonomous organizations. Data grids are being built across the world as the next generation data handling systems for sharing access to data and storage systems within multiple administrative domains. A data grid provides logical name spaces for digital entities and storage resources to create global identifiers that are location independent. Data grid systems provide services on the logical name space for the manipulation, management, and organization of digital entities.