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Due to methodological refinements of the HDI formula, the rankings are not directly comparable to those in earlier Reports.

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About 1. But we also have to be alive to ways and means of improving the assessment of old adversities and of recognizing—and responding to—new threats that endanger human well-being and freedom. Home About Get Involved Contact.

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Home News. Login to post comments. The Global Health Watch is a broad collaboration of public health experts, non-governmental organisations, civil society activists, community groups, health workers and academics. Within the pattern of overall global progress, the variation among countries is striking: Over the past 40 years, the lowest-performing 25 percent experienced less than a 20 percent improvement in HDI performance, while the top-performing group averaged gains of 54 percent. Yet as a group, the quartile of countries at the bottom of the HDI scale in improved even faster than those then at the top, with an average gain of 61 percent.

The diverse national pathways to development documented in the Report show that there is no single formula for sustainable progress, the authors stress.

20th Anniversary Edition

The Arab countries also posted major gains, with 8 of the 20 world leaders in HDI improvement over the past 40 years. Many countries from sub-Saharan Africa and the former Soviet Union lagged behind, however, due to the impact of AIDS, conflict, economic upheaval and other factors.

International rankings

Life expectancy actually declined over the past 40 years in three countries of the former Soviet Union—Belarus, Ukraine and the Russian Federation—and six in sub-Saharan Africa. Report shows that most Eastern European countries made major gains in this period of profound regional change, but the largest countries from the former Soviet Union suffered severe health setbacks.

The yesrs period from to encompasses an era of profound political and economic transformation throughout the region, including the transition at the midpoint from the centralized controls of the Soviet era to the independence of the former Soviet republics and the reclaimed sovereignty and democratization of many other nations in the region.

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This was accompanied by a swift and often difficult integration into the international market economy, with sometimes-disruptive impacts on health and living standards. The greatest single factor was health declines: average life expectancy in the Russian Federation dropped from 69 in to 67 in , in neighbouring Belarus from 71 to 70, and Ukraine from 71 to 69, the Report shows.

Human Development Report 2010

On the positive side, literacy rates have been consistently high and increasing throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia. However, during the period between and the three countries experienced different degrees of progress toward increasing their HDIs. It is also below the average of 0. The Gender Inequality Index: In Ukraine, 8 per cent of parliamentary seats are held by women, and 92 per cent of adult women have a secondary or higher level of education compared to 96 per cent of their male counterparts.

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For every , live births, 18 [1] women die from pregnancy related causes; and the adolescent fertility rate is 28 births per live births. Female participation in the labour market is 62 per cent compared to 73 per cent for men. The result is a GII value for Ukraine of 0.

A country is in the very high group if its HDI is in the top quartile, in the high group if its HDI is in percentiles 51—75, in the medium group if its HDI is in percentiles 26—50, and in the low group if its HDI is in the bottom quartile. Tables on various measures of human development are also available, including demographic trends, the economy, education, health and more. Jeni Klugman is the lead author of the Report, which is translated into more than a dozen languages and launched in more than countries annually.

untemothimbna.tk The Report is published in English by Palgrave Macmillan. We are on the ground in countries, working collaboratively on their own solutions to national and global development challenges. Please visit: www. Content Sourced from scoop.


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