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More like science; chemistry and physics, more specifically. Wax serves a necessary role in skiing, acting as both a sealant and a lubricant for your skis.

How to Wax Cross Country Skis - Glide Wax & Base Prep Instructions

Without it, your skis will slide on snow less readily, or not at all. If you're not gliding, you're not skiing," says Bert Hinkley, local ski wax guru and sales and service tech at Webskis. Though Hinkley deals primarily with Nordic skis, the principles apply to alpine skis and snowboards, as well. Showing 1- 1 of 1. Add a comment. Get your daily dose of news for Central Oregon and beyond, delivered to your inbox five days a week.

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Better skiing without wax

Favorite Saving…. You hear it all the time. The base of most skis is made from polyethylene CH2 and graphite, which is why most ski and board bases are black. Often referred to by the trade name p-tex, it's a strong and impact-resistant substance with a low friction coefficient. Because p-tex is porous, almost like a sponge, it can absorb wax time and time again. Alpine skis, which are denser, contain more graphite, which helps protect against the abrasiveness of snow at high speeds.

DPS Phantom & the End of Ski Wax – BLISTER

Soft fluffy snow is abrasive? Of course. Think about the image of a classic snowflake, with all of its micro points and edges. That's what a snowflake actually looks like under a microscope. Those points scrape, grab and poke at your skis, providing unwanted friction that will slow you down and could damage your skis. Wax will do that.

Going for the glide

As you ski, you lay down a lubrication layer between your ski and the snow. Hot waxing, the most effective method for applying wax to skis, allows the substance to be absorbed by the base. Heat is an important component in order for the wax to be absorbed," notes Holmer. Before waxing, however, first clean your bases with a brass or bronze brush, which will clean dirt from the ski's structure.

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With the launch of Phantom last year, DPS began producing and selling the glide treatment. What differentiates it from traditional ski wax is that Phantom enters the ski base in a liquid phase, avoiding the toxic fumes from a hot wax iron.

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Throughout the week, my skis—which were treated with the new Phantom 2. The glide was smooth and consistently fast. I did get them to hang up once, following a hike to ski a chute two lanes past the Super C.

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  7. For those who travel a lot in the backcountry, we are often plagued with this buildup of snow and ice on our skis. However, after I slid through my first turn, the friction brought the glide right back to normal, which I thought was pretty cool and it helped me avoid having to stop and scrape.

    With Phantom, any conditions are good conditions. While Phantom 2. And while you can treat your skis at home, DPS is implementing Phantom Cure Stations at select retailers scattered throughout ski towns. So while the smell of wax lends us to think of skiing, it may be time to shift that thought process as Phantom is healthier for us and the environment. Skip to content. Published on September 14, by Erme Catino.