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Outside of the Co-Pilot confusion, this is a solid car with plenty of room for four or five plus a large cargo bay. Combine the inch-long Edge with the inch-long Ford Explorer and Ford has a solid one-two punch in the important midsize-SUV market, especially so with Ford stepping back from sedans. The Edge comes in four trim lines, or model variants.

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The entry Edge uses a simpler version of Ford Sync. And you only get the base Co-Pilot technology. Ford Co-Pilot has standard automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind spot detection blind spot information system in Ford jargon , lane keeping system, and auto high beam control. Ford also crows about rear the backup camera standard in Co-Pilot Fact check: The feds mandated the rear camera on every car sold in the US a year ago.

Semi-autonomous driving means you engage lane centering assist and adaptive cruise control. ACC sets a maximum cruise control speed and then backs off if you run up behind a slowpoke.


Geek My Ride : Build the Ultimate Tech Rod

You change lanes manually, then the self-drive features take over. You may be a good driver when you set out on a six- or eight-hour hour cruise at 9 a. Tasting Monday to Friday - 10h00 to 16H00 Trading hours are Monday to Friday - 7h30 to 16h30 We are closed on weekends and public holidays. Cellar tours and group Disinfection products. Franke Deko range of washers and dryers for medical, dental, pharmaceutical and veterinary establishments. Franke stainless steel Barron Urinal Bowl. Using precision Swiss engineering, our E-mail Address.

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    Add to basket. Back cover copy Not your father's idea of cool wheelsYour definition of automotive high tech goes far beyond a backseat DVD player with a drop-down screen. How about a gaming PC?

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    Internet access? Satellite TV? Maybe videoconferencing?

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    Oh yeah--now that's more like it. Add those and half a dozen other geek toys to your ride with these step-by-step instructions, complete lists of tools and equipment, advice on handling power and temperature issues, even essential physics. So what are you waiting for? Table of contents Foreword. Part I: Laying the Groundwork. Chapter 1: Planning Your Projects. Chapter 2: Saving Money. Chapter 5:Working with Cables. Chapter 7: Choosing a Display Device.

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    Chapter 8: Choosing an Input Device. Chapter Integrating a Game Console. Chapter Installing a Gaming PC. Part IV: Advanced Projects. Chapter Adding Internet Access.