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The terms Francophone a speaker of French and Francophonie have been used to map out newer disciplinary territories and approaches in the field of French Studies. Debates around Francophonie, broadly used as a marker for post-colonialism and cultural diversity, clearly resonate with the South African project of decolonization and democratization. Within this framework of values, Francophone literature in South African academic programs is consciously being re positioned to promote a sense of belonging to the African continent. This has led to a strong representation of francophone African literature and a shift in how texts are selected.

Texts are chosen less as examples of high cultural production and representation and more through the principles of identification and authenticity.

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This kind of inclusiveness is evident in the focus on tropes such as class, identity, gender, race, and migration, which reinsert the text into social contexts and current debates. Traditionally, approaches to literature have been highly scripted, and have assumed that the roles of teacher and student remain stable and distinct.

For example, the French tradition of teaching literature has always been text-centred and formal. But research points to the advantages of democratizing classroom practices. This involves shifting from text-centered to learner-centered approaches. A learner-centered approach, which involves the teacher acting as a facilitator, is widely practiced in language education. She takes on a less prescriptive role in engaging and encouraging discussion.

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The literary text still plays a central role in the field of modern languages. But the meaning of what constitutes a text has also undergone radical change. The explosion of media studies as a discipline speaks to the proliferation and diversification of the cultural archive. This extends beyond the literary field to include participatory modes of cultural production, such as social media, the hypermedia novel, and e-poetry.

These practices are challenging the very notion of the text and author as fixed entities inscribed within national traditions. New modes of teaching, learning, and research speak to an inclusive Africanist—and globalized—agenda.