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Computer Science Education Research Conference is an international forum for researchers with interests in educational aspects of all computing disciplines including computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, and information systems. It embraces a broad view of the current and future trends in computing education and aspires to be a lively environment for presenting the latest research and empirical results.

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The estimated count of participants is calculated by multiplying the normalized participant interest generated on platform with a regional multiplier. Organizers can update the count here.

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Accountant at obtac. Manager at Og Nkateko Trading Cc. Connect, Meet and Build a Strong Network. Interested Going. Journal of Educational Computing Research 13 , Online publication date: Apr Academic Medicine 94 :3, Online publication date: 1-Mar Anthony V. Robins , Lauren E.

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Margulieux , Briana B. Cognitive Sciences for Computing Education. Colleen M. Lewis , Michael J.

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Student Knowledge and Misconceptions. A Case Study of Peer Instruction. Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science , Interactive Learning Environments 26 :3, Online publication date: Jun Ashish Aggarwal , David S. Philip J. April Y. Wang , Ryan Mitts , Philip J.

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Litts , Yasmin B. Kafai , Debora A. Lui , Justice T. This summary highlights the state of CS education for Hispanic students during , who make up nearly one-quarter of the U. K student population. This summary highlights key differences in interest in and confidence to learn CS among seventh- to 12th-grade students from underrepresented groups, as well as the level of encouragement to learn CS that these groups receive from key influencers such as parents and teachers.

The study produced individual summary reports on principals inputs' for 43 states with sufficient principal responses from the and Google-Gallup surveys of 18, school principals. The results shed light on the status of offerings and support of computer science in the U. K schools in those states, as well as recommendations to broaden access to and participation in CS learning.

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These reports present findings from the first two years of Gallup and Google's multi-year, comprehensive research effort to better understand perceptions of CS and access to CS learning opportunities in K schools in the U. In Year 1, Gallup surveyed more than 15, seventh- to 12th-grade students and parents of seventh- to 12th-grade students via telephone, and K teachers, principals and superintendents via Web surveys.

In Year 2, Gallup used a similar methodology and surveyed more than 16, seventh- to 12th-grade students, parents of seventh- to 12th-grade students, and K teachers, principals and superintendents.

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