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These are the big four. The second reason is that a specific smartphone may not work with a specific provider. The third reason is to find a plan.

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Unfortunately, there are a plethora of options available that are different from each provider. It used to be the typical user would by a smartphone from a specific cellphone provider at a discounted price or free with a two year contract.

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Most plans included unlimited talk and text. But you usually have to determine how much data you will need each month. Many providers have calculators to estimate your data needs. So if you go over your plan, some providers will charge you at a much higher rate. Some will just throttle back your speed. You will often have the option of adding more devices, phones, tablets, etc. You may have the option of no contract. You may have the option of upgrading your smartphone before contract is up. Decisions, decisions. I can't help you much with this one. I pay only for talk minutes as I need them.

I'm sure I pay more per minute than heavier users but I'm not on the phone a lot and also don't pay for a data plan. Okay, all set to select your smartphone? Hold on one second. What is an unlocked cellphone? This is usually not a big deal as most people will stick with one carrier.

And you can usually find a procedure to unlock a phone. I know this from personal experience. You might want an unlocked smartphone.

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These are available from websites like Amazon, ebay and in the case of the Nexus smartphones, Google. There's a lot of Internet about Smartphones for seniors. I was really intrigued with the Jitterbug Touch 2 smartphone. Lots of medical support if needed. CONS: Several reviews give the smartphone poor rating due to sometimes slow response and crashes. One disadvantage is that when Google releases a new version, the user has to wait for their manufacturer to release their own update.

I selected the Nexus 4 for the following reasons: Price: It already had a good price for its features but was even better just before the release of Nexus 5. So updates are available sooner. I got Android 4. Good reviews. Features: WiFi I purchased directly from Google. Now there is an advantage of buying a phone through a service provider.

Everything else is done on the touchscreen.

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Read the manual. Generally you can transfer a SIM card from one phone to another. Well, I called my local T-Mobile store. So I bought it. I just looked today and it was free for the Holidays. The second problem was trying to answer the phone. Most smartphones are hard to see in sunlight and you only have a short time before it goes to Voice mail. Anyway, I had to look it up in the manual when I got home.

Also I had to figure out how to call voice mail. The third problem, I have an LG Bluetooth headset see picture. This worked fine with Android 4. So I searched on the Internet and found many other people with the same problem. One had the same problem with a Nexus 5. Anyway, one user came up with a workaround by adding an equalizer and cranking everything way down. Anyway, it was fixed a couple of days later when Google released 4. General Problem Solving: Your best solution may be using the manual that came with your smartphone.

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Some may be very limited or even non-existent. You might be able to find a better manual on the manufacturers website or the cell providers website. More problems can arise when your OS is upgraded. You can usually find a generic users guide for specific versions of you OS, e. Specific Internet searches may be your best option.

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Good Luck! Then there are application problems. Application support varies but some apps have their own website. And specific Internet searches may be your best option. Pre Nexus 4: I bought a Huawei smartphone See picture on ebay. It got some good reviews and I found a good price. Unfortunately, it was in Chinese. Well, I was finally able to change Android to English and was able to read a lot of the screens.

This is like unlocking the Smartphone from a specific cellphone provider except this is getting to the root of Android so that you can modify the basics. So I started deleting Chinese stuff and made it totally unusable. I am happy with my Nexus 4 smartphone. Yes, I will always have problems. I added a Flashlight app. I added Runkeeper to keep track of walks with my dog. I added WinAmp to listen to my music. Good information. Thanks for providing it.

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I just last week upgraded to a smartphone LG G5. Now I need to learn smart use of my smart phone so I'm don't run up big bills or get pestered to death with ads and notifications. I wanted to learn how to use my smartphone, not whether or not to buy one and how. Certainly entertaining about the Chinese. But not particularly useful. You said you didn't know how to take a call. Then you said to read the manual. I already read the manual. Now I've read you too. And I still don't know how to answer a call, or what an app is, or how to swipe it.

Maybe it's time for an updated instructable. Reply 2 years ago. I have a cheap but good Chinese phone, zero instructions, just want to know how best to use it - and I have the techie smarts!